Stockings Lingerie

Stockings and other garments of women are available at the STOCKINGS Lingerie stores in India. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of intimate apparel and apparel for ladies, young girls, sporty women, mature ladies, celebrities, models, and others. The main products include bras and panties, camisoles, nightwear, corsets, nursing uniforms, daywear, robes, baby items, and infant wear. The stockings range from sheer to see through to cotton.

With a large collection of intimate apparel and nightwear, the company is considered one of the most popular online lingerie stores selling all kinds of lingerie to women. They have several international stores and retail outlets located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore. Apart from the main site in New Delhi, they also have online shops providing an option to customers across the globe to buy their favorite apparel from the comforts of their home.

The company has been established by a group of innovators and business people who understood the need for women to have all kinds of clothing. With this vision in mind, the company started with stocking only the highest quality of lingerie in every size, color, style, design, and brand. With their huge collection and competitive prices, the stores have earned the trust and appreciation of most of the women’s world over.

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